Q) What is Old Listings?

A) Old Listings are the Property Results that Suburb View find to be no longer active.

Only Property Listings with an Address are displayed, clicking on the listings will display on the Google Map

Q) Is Old Listings affiliated with any of the Property sites?

A) Only Suburb View

Q) How does it get the Locations of the listings?

A) Site uses geocoding from Google. So if an address is found it will be displayed on the Google Map.

Q) Some of the prices are listed wrong, why is that?

A) Every attempt is made to find the listed price in the listing. Sometimes more than one price is listed. If you believe the wrong price is listed, Please let me know : Contact, and I will fix the listing.

Also some properties that have multiple dwellings like units and apartments may appear to have a different range of prices.

Q) Is the price listed the actual Sold Price?

A) No, the price listed is the last found price when the Property was listed. The prices are shown on the last date and that property was listed at. If there are multiple dates, that would usually mean the property has been re-listed or sold at a different date.

Q) Can the property listing be removed?

A) If you want a property listing removed, please contact me via the Contact Form.

Q) How often are the Suburbs searched?

A) The Suburbs are searched on user driven results at Suburb View. If a Suburb isn't listed it will be searched for within 24hrs. Updates are made when search results are over 5 days old.

Q) There are no Old Listings for my suburb, why is that?

A) The listings come from what Suburb View finds. The technology behind Suburb View gets suburb results based on user request. There might be the possibility that this suburb was never search for, and could explain why there are no results.

Got a question? Let me know : Contact