Contact Displays old property data from my other web site . It gathers the data from multiple real estate sites from Australia. All information that is collected is displayed on the web site, so unfortunately I don't have any more information.

I am unable to link to the Old property listings because a majority of the Real Estate Sites remove the data, and you will get a bunch of “Listing removed” etc.

Tips for searching for Old Real Estate Listings in Google

You might still be able to find some details through Google, what I suggest is using the “site:” query.
What you do is in the search box type : 123 address suburb
Where “” is the web site you want to search, and “123 address suburb” is the actual address.

Considering most of the Real Estate listings in Australia can be found on a handful of web sites, you might like to give the following a try.

This will load up the search in Google, what you want to do is add the address you were trying to find after the search query that appears on the box:


If you have any more enquiries about the site, general feedback, or if you want a listing removed please feel free to contact me.
Thank you
Mark, First home buyer, and web site developer